I am the one and only Brick-Slayer! I'm a one man show. I run my Lego stores to make some extra spending money to pay of debt. I am always looking for deals, so I can pass on discounted prices to my great customers. I price everything at the last 6 month average price to stay competitive. If you would like to learn more about me or start your own Lego store check out my YouTube channel! I also have a live stream every Sunday evening at 8:30pm Central Time called Brick Slingers.

Brick-Slayer Youtube Channel
Mr. Rebates Cash Back



What We Sell



We have a wide variety of bricks and pieces in multiple colors.


We stock wide variety of minifigures and minifigure parts.


We have a small assortment of polybags and some holiday sets.



Mr. Rebates Cash Back

Based in Newport Minnesota

United States